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Outbreak Undead 2nd Edition Survivor's Tokens

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Now: $3.99
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Survivor,” these 20 tokens are to keep track of the DEGREES OF SUCCESS and DEGREES OF FAILURE a character will use in order to tell their story of survival. Do you think you’ll be able to handle seeing piles of colored tokens in front of you to spell out your Fate as the round unfolds? Consider this very carefully. 

-A Friend

These tokens allow a player to see how their skill checks can be resolved, for better or worse. It makes it easy to see who at the table is in the best position to help and who, themselves, need help.

Game Designer:
Christopher De La Rosa
Game Artist:
Christopher De La Rosa
Game Artist:
Anthony Jones
Game Artist:
Shar Tuiasoa
Game Artist:
Kent E. Davis
Game Artist:
Caleb Cleveland