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  • Altered Carbon 3D book

    Altered Carbon

    The Altered Carbon RPG


    In this transhumanist neo-noir vision of the future, the human mind is nothing more than digital codeDigital Human Freight saved and stored in a Cortical Stack, advanced technology that allows you to "re-sleeve" your entire consciousness into a new body...

  • Altered Carbon Deluxe 3D book

    Altered Carbon

    The Altered Carbon RPG Deluxe Edition


    This limited edition Deluxe version of the Altered Carbon RPG includes the same interior content as the core book, but with new dramatic cover art and an intricately designed die-cut slip case.  Features:  Unique cover art featuring the...

  • Altered Carbon 3D GM's Screen

    Altered Carbon

    The Altered Carbon RPG GM's Screen


    Gamemasters, keep your inner workings safe and sound behind this beautiful skyline of the futuristic Bay City, much like the actual Bay City in which many dark secrets and mysteries are sure to lie hidden until uncovered. Comes with useful game mechanics...