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Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals Organized Play for Your Store

Organized Play provides a place for your customers to meet other Rivals players, and motivation for them to practice and hone their craft! Through Rivals Organized Play players can obtain unique promo cards, playmats, acrylic tokens, and other prizes, including the ultimate prize, immortality as a Vampire in-game!

Below you'll find the four avaialble tiers of Organized Play and information on how to get involved with each, as well as resources for your first event! If you're running Rivals Organized Play, be sure to enter your events in our Event Finder on the website!

Seasonal OP Kits are perfect to support a casual play night or small tournament. Each contains a brand-new promo card for a participation prize and either a playmat or sets of acrylic tokens for a champion prize.

The Clan Clash Store Championships offer a more competitive environment, and the opportunity to compete for the title of Primogen of your local game store. All attendees receive a pack of 4 all-new promos, the top 4 players will take home playmats, and the Primogen will mark their status with acrylic Agenda tokens!

At a Prince of the City tournament you'll compete for the ultimate reward. The champion will be immortalized in-game as a brand new Vampire, and be crowned Prince of the hosting city! The 2022 Prince of the City prizes are shown above. Stay tuned for 2023 dates, locations, and prizes soon! These events occur at regional conventions and select retailers. Stores or conventions interested in hosting one of these limited events can contact Renegade Games Organized Play here.

The Continental Conclaves represent the highest level of Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals organized play. Held yearly in the United States and Europe, these tournaments offer the most prestigous title and prizes. The champion who can prove their worth over the rest of the field will take home an exclusive trophy and earn the title of Justicar!

The 2023 North American Continental Conclave will be held Friday August 4th and Saturday August 5th (Top 16 cut) at Gen Con Indy in Indianapolis, IN. Badges are now available, and event registration will begin May 21 at noon Eastern.

The 2023 European Continental Conclave date and location will be announced soon!