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Join the Vamily for a New Year's Eve Celebration!

Save the date! We've got a special holiday gift in store for our Vamily this year! We'll be sharing a special New Year's Eve themed story for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition, so gather your c…

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Black Friday Starts Today Here at Renegade Games!

We've got SIX great deals for you, now through November 29th (or while supplies last)! Whether you're just getting in to Heroes of the Grid, want some great puzzles to spend cold winter evenings assem…

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Free Content Friday! - November 2021

Free Content for Kids on Brooms and Outbreak: Undead!RAG & BONE: Tools of the TradeBY NOXWEILER IGNATIUS BERFIn this edition of the Rag & Bone focused releases we're providing some additional…

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Put on a KILLER Performance in Crimes & Capers - And the Winner is... DEAD!

Reimagine the Murder Mystery PartyYou are a nominee at the 67th Annual Music Awards! Unfortunately, you won’t be winning anything tonight. Mannie, our host, America’s Sweetheart Pop Star is dead. We…

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Get To The Chopper! Using Vehicles in the G.I. JOE Deck-Building Game

For many of us, G.I. JOE just isn’t G.I. JOE without the vehicles. Helicopters, tanks, and submarines, sure, but that isn’t all. Hovercrafts, heavily-armed snowmobiles, and even a SPACE SHUTTLE all ma…

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Get the Latest Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition News & Releases!

Most exciting stuff first! We have released a preview of Second Inquisition as a free PDF today! This preview features a terrifying antagonist for vamps looking to keep their herd under control:…

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