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Renegade Exclusive

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  • Embarcadero Unsinkable Expansion

    Renegade Original

    Embarcadero Unsinkable Expansion


    Includes the following additions to the game! 40 Plastic Structures 20 Double Layered Building Tiles 5th Player board 9 Unsinkable cards 18 Entrepreneur Building Cards 8 Event Cards 2 Score Marketers 1 100 Point Token Check out the...

  • Kids on Bikes: Deluxe Hardcover Edition

    Kids on Bikes

    Kids on Bikes: Deluxe Hardcover Edition


    A SAMPLE Adventure from Jonathan Gilmour! Point Pleasant: A SAMPLE Adventure from Doug Levandowski! VARIANT Cover Art COMIC by Jim Zub* Contains the content from the Softcover Kids on Bikes Book, Strange Adventures Vol 1, and an exclusive comic. ...

  • Level Up Loot 1 3d box

    Renegade Exclusives

    Level Up Loot 1


     Level up your games with this promo box filled with goodies! Each box is a special thank you to our wonderful Renegade fans that support friendly local game stores!  Contents Summary: Clank! A Deck-building Adventure Promo Sea Dragon Meeple...

  • Level Up Loot 2 3d

    Renegade Exclusives

    Level Up Loot 2


    Level up your collection of Renegade titles with these promo items! They have been hand-picked to add new and unique experiences to your games — some through new game play and some through added ambience. Contents Summary: Altiplano: 1 Alpaca...

  • My Father's Work 3D Box

    My Father's Work

    My Father's Work


    Pre-order now for delivery in May 2022! In My Father's Work, 2-4 players play competing mad scientists entrusted with a page from their father's journal, along with a large estate in which to perform their devious experiments. Players earn points by...

  • Power Rangers Deck-Building Game Bonus Box #1

    Power Rangers

    Power Rangers Deck-Building Game Bonus Box #1


    Power Rangers Deck-Building Game Bonus Box #1 is a Renegade Exclusive!  Requires a Power Rangers Deck-Building core set to use.Contains: Mighty Morphin White Promo Card Pack  1 Oversized White Ranger Character Card 1 Saba Signature Item Card...