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Scott Pilgrim Miniatures the World Core Game Painted

Was: $100.00
Now: $20.00
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Unleash the Power of Love!

Scott Pilgrim’s romance with Ramona has been challenged by the League of Evil Exes! Scott and his band must work together to defeat the first of seven exes—Matthew Patel and his Demon Hipster Chicks! 

Scott Pilgrim Miniatures the World is a competitive board game where one team takes on the role of Scott and the other Good Guys to fight against the League of Evil Exes. Each character has unique powers, and as they battle they will level up and unlock new special abilities. The action takes place on a pop-up board with large pre-painted miniatures, custom dice, and 3D constructible objects for smashing and throwing! This core box includes Scott, Ramona, Knives, Kim, and Stephen, along with Matthew Patel and three Demon Hipster Chicks, all ready to brawl on the Rockit venue board.


  • Scott Pilgrim and his and band must battle Matthew Patel, the first of the Seven Evil Exes!
  • Play as either the Good Guys or the Bad Guys!
  • Includes 9 detailed pre-painted miniatures, a pop-up board, and 3D objects! 
  • Compete for glory with 2-3 competitors, ages 10+ in 45-60 minutes!

Contents Summary:

  • 5 Good Guy Miniatures (Pre-painted)
    • Scott Pilgrim
    • Knives Chau
    • Stephen Stills
    • Kim Pine
    • Ramona Flowers
  • 4 Bad Guy Miniatures (Pre-Painted)
    • Matthew Patel
    • 3 Demon Hipster Chicks
  • 1 Rockit Venue Pop-Up Board 
  • 6 Player Boards 
  • 8 Dice 
  • 33 Item Cards 
  • 10 Object Figures 
  • 18 Tracking Cubes 
  • 1 Dice Tracker Card 
  • 1 $2.10 Token 
  • 20 Booster Tokens 
  • 1 Rulebook
2 to 3
Time to Play:
45-60 minutes
Game Designer:
Erica Bouyouris
Game Artist:
Bryan Lee O'Malley