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12 Deals of Renegade - Day 2

12 Deals of Renegade - Day 2

Posted by Renegade Game Studios on Dec 5th 2023

It's Day 2 of the 12 Deals of Renegade!

Today we're offering 15% off Gods of Metal Ragnarock, Icarus, & Kids on Brooms! Read on to learn more about these awesome and innovative games! 

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Gods of Metal: Ragnarock is unlike any standard fantasy game. Your character lives between the world of Mundania, and the realm of Ragnarock. Rise from the endless drudgery of your everyday world and begin your adventure as a DEMIGOD! Face your destiny as you quest for glory in the name of the 6 Gods of Metal! Form your Band, work together, and embark on face-melting, brutal adventures in an Epic Heavy Metal Fantasy world!

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Icarus is a collaborative storytelling game about the collapse of a great civilization. Every game begins in a city-nation known as Icarus at the height of its power where, in celebration, the city has decided to erect a massive, ever-growing monument in the center of town to display its prestige to the world.

During the game, you will be stacking dice to represent the construction of this monument, drawing cards from a story deck to create the escalating events in the city, and influencing the outcome of those events through actions driven by your characters’ motives. And when the dice tower finally falls, your civilization falls with it and the game comes to an end. 

You can get your copy of Icarus HERE!

Kids on Brooms is a collaborative role-playing game about taking on the life of a witch or wizard at a magical school you all attend- a place full of mystery, danger, and thrilling adventure. From dealing with strict professors to facing down mythical beasts, players will get the opportunity to ride brooms, brew potions, and cast powerful magic as they uncover the incredible secrets their school and its inhabitants hold. 

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These trendy games make the perfect gifts for the gamer in your life who likes games off the beaten path and wants to broaden their horizon! Make sure to stay tuned for more holiday deals! 

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