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Announcing Birdwatcher!

Announcing Birdwatcher!

Posted by Renegade Games on Mar 17th 2022

In collaboration with our friends at Oni Games, Birdwatcher is a competitive game of studying and photographing birds, with beautiful art by biologist and illlustrator Lauren Helton.

In this fast, competitive game players are rival wildlife photographers on a hunt to snap photos of the elusive and illustrious birds-of-paradise.

Players lure birds to their tree from the jungle, take photos of the birds in their tree, and publish their findings. The photographer with the most citation points at the end of the game is awarded Nature Photographer of the Year and is the winner!


  • Beautiful bird cards illustrated by Lauren Helton, a biologist and scientific illustrator!
  • Build your own tableau of bird photographs and publications!
  • Play solo or against friends