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Book of Nod Deluxe Artifact Edition Update

Book of Nod Deluxe Artifact Edition Update

Posted by Renegade Game Studios on Aug 11th 2023

Hey Vamily! We have an update on the progress on The Book of Nod Deluxe Artifact Edition. It’s been a long time coming, but we’re happy to say we’re approaching the finish line and expect to begin shipping by the end of Q4. We’ll give another update each month to provide additional transparency until we can announce in November or December that the crates are shipping out to you.

Why has this been so late? Issues with factories and shipping, particularly during the height of the pandemic, made the process of finding materials, approving them, and getting quotes excruciatingly slow at times. We also like to maintain the highest level of quality, and when we discovered that some of the contents didn’t meet our expectations for the deluxe experience we wanted to provide, we decided to address and fix those issues.

As a thank you to our patient fans, we’ve also added more content to the crate. This is truly a Book of Nod, come to life. Soon, you’ll be able to explore the Book of Nod in a new way, examining all the art that Aristotle deLaurent found and commissioned for his printed version, hold and display replicas of original documents and relics Aristotle acquired in his journey, and see some of the notes he made in deciding what to include in his edition of the Book of Nod.

Fans attending Gen Con are going to get a chance to see some of our production samples, but we wanted to ensure our pre-order holders got a chance to see them first. Below are a few pictures we took during setup. Keep in mind some of these are early production samples, there may be some differences in the final version.

Thank you for your patience with us. We hope you won’t be disappointed. If you’re frustrated or disappointed in this, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service to cancel your order. We completely understand if you prefer to do so. However, we really think the wait is going to feel well worth it once you see everything we’ve packed into this crate

- The Renegade Team