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Congratulations to our Pumpkin Winners!

Congratulations to our Pumpkin Winners!

Posted by Renegade Games on Nov 4th 2022

Thank you to all our amazing pumpkin-carving fans and congratulations to our winners! We had 16 awesome entries, and frankly the talent on display here blew us away! 

Mandy Dame won 1st place in our community vote, with this amazing Power Rangers pumpkin!

Kendra Fay's Gloomy Graves pumpkin took 2nd overall

Vampire: The Masquerade secured 3rd & 4th place, with great pumpkins by Brian Ladd & Min Kreiner!


The Renegade Staff picked Maddoghoek100's wonderful My Father's Work logo design!

BlackOpsPenguin's Serpentor and Mandy's My Little Pony carvings won our random draw prize!


And here's the rest of the great entries!

Tom ‘TheRadioTom’ Fowell - Vampire

Hedekar - Fox in the Forest!

Jeff Brown - Berserker from Raiders of the North Sea

Edward Woods - The Hunger

Landon - Junk Orbit

Board Games on a Budget - My Father's Work

Kyle Denna - Scott's catchphrase! (plus it was carved underwater!)