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Exploring the Matrix in the Transformers Deck-Building Game

Exploring the Matrix in the Transformers Deck-Building Game

Posted by Renegade Games on May 28th 2021

The Matrix in the Transformers Deck-Building Game is an array of cards from the main deck that you’ll lay out face-down during the setup for each game. It serves as a game board or map for the events of the game, and adds an important spatial element to the gameplay.

When you begin your first turn, your chosen Autobot will teleport to any space of the Matrix, where you’ll spend the game searching for relics, fighting Decepticons, and of course recruiting Autobots and allies, advanced technologies, and powerful maneuvers to your deck. The Matrix is comprised of a 3x4 to 4x5 card grid, which your Autobot can travel around using the movement generated on cards in play. While Autobots in Bot Mode can still move, you’ll travel much more efficiently in your Alt Mode as a vehicle.


Movement can also be used to search, allowing you to flip the card your Autobot is on, usually revealing a new option for your deck or a helpful Site, but with the ever-present danger of Decepticon ambush instead! If you stumble across one of the Decepticons, you’ll draw an Encounter card and suffer the effects shown before continuing your turn. You’ll also be ambushed any time you move on to a face-up Decepticon, so you’ll always have to be ready for your adversaries to throw some kind of wrench in your plans.

When it comes time to battle a Decepticon or buy cards for your deck, you can spend Power from your cards in play (and any relevant abilities) on the card your Autobot is on, OR any card within range. Some cards that provide power will also provide range to project that power at a distance, allowing you to battle or buy cards that many spaces away (orthogonally). The Galactic Positioning System provides up to 2 power at Range 1.

Your position in the Matrix isn’t just important on your own turn though! When any player initiates a battle, they’ll put out a call for assists! Players whose Autobot is within range (thanks to a card in their hand) can offer a face-down card to assist in the fight, potentially sharing in the rewards if their card is used! This becomes especially important when facing the powerful Decepticon bosses that are seeded into the deck at the beginning of the game.

Canny navigation of the Matrix is an important part of the Transformers Deck-Building Game, and can make the difference between an Autobot victory and the Decepticons ruling the day. Tune in next Friday for a look at how we put the changing modes into the Transformers Deck-Building Game! In the third preview article the following week, we’ll take a look at the two ways of playing, cooperative and competitive!