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First Look Inside the RPG Character Journals!

First Look Inside the RPG Character Journals!

Posted by Renegade Game Studios on May 2nd 2022

The RPG character journals are an excellent resource that help players fully customize and develop their individual characters. The journals feature not only expanded characters sheets, but much, much more. The majority of the journals are rich with prompts and writing hooks to assist in creating your version of the perfect character! We’re providing a first look inside the Power Rangers RPG journal so that you can get a preview of the awesomeness within!

This particular journal has been tailored to the Power Rangers RPG; we will be releasing different journals for each of our RPGs. Each journal will be tailored to their corresponding RPG, but they will all follow a similar format in helping players create well-developed characters and stay organized during sessions!

The RPG character journals open to an expansive table of contents that directs players to the wide-ranging character development resources that are housed within. We’ll break down each of the main sections to give a more in-depth preview of what’s inside!

The first eight pages feature expanded character sheets for your ranger, your Zord, and your team’s Megazord! Each character sheet includes room for all necessary stat information, as well as room dedicated to defining the character traits of your ranger, and features of your Zord!

The remaining pages are aimed at going beyond the basic requirements of a play-ready character, so that you can enrich your RPG experience with truly a developed character that you can identify with!

To start things off, the “True Identity” section grants players a comprehensive place to develop their character’s true identify. In RPG fashion, it is up to you to determine who your character is, and what their tendencies are. This section helps kickstart that process by providing useful writing prompts!

The following sections of the journal feature character development options to significantly expand upon who your character is.

Firstly, you’ll find room to write an essential section of your character’s backstory: how they were called to the power! Beyond that, you’ll discover writing hooks to develop meaningful personality traits, impactful life experiences, and quality character hang-ups. You’ll then find sections for describing who your mentor is/was, your ranger’s home, friends, family, and that your character’s perks and powers are!

The next section of the journal features a series of pages to take valuable notes on different contacts, allies, and enemies.

This will be an essential portion of your journal that you are sure to reference time and again as you encounter numerous friends and foes throughout your adventures!


Those of us who have played RPGs in the past can likely remember a single moment that changed our character in a profound way; and those who are new to RPGs are sure to soon discover that memorable experience.

The following two-page section, “A Major Turning Point…” is designed to immortalize that fateful moment onto the pages of your journal.

Visual aspects are equally as important as narrative aspects in fully bringing a character to life. With that in mind, the character journal delivers a place to describe exactly how your individual character’s soon-to-be iconic Power Suit appears!

The journal also includes an equipment page where you can keep track of and describe all the goodies you acquire throughout your adventures, as well as a section to describe your character’s unique power weapon! The following pages also provide room to describe your Zord, and your team’s Megazord, in full detail! 

Lastly, the journal provides four pages to record specific information on how your character perceives each of your fellow team members! This is a great way to really get inside the head of your character and improve your immersion!

If you thought that was all, we are just hitting the halfway point of this incredibly comprehensive journal! The remaining 35 pages consist of designated space for taking notes during your sessions. This way, depending on your campaign length, you can have all of your notes from session one through the campaign finale in a single, easy to reference place.

To conclude and reiterate, this preview is focused on the Power Rangers RPG journal; however, an RPG journal will be made available to the G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game, Transformers Roleplaying Game, My Little Pony Roleplaying Game, Vampire: The Masquerade, and Hunter: The Reckoning. Each journal will be tailored specifically to their corresponding RPG, and will assist the user in developing comprehensive characters to enrich their RPG experience!

We can’t wait to see this incredible RPG accessory in your hands, and to hear about the fantastical characters you develop with the tools the journal provides!