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Free Content Friday! - November 2021

Free Content Friday! - November 2021

Posted by Renegade Games on Nov 12th 2021

Free Content for Kids on Brooms and Outbreak: Undead!

RAG & BONE: Tools of the Trade


In this edition of the Rag & Bone focused releases we're providing some additional tools of the trade for survivors trying to make it out there in the apocalypse. A mix of weapons and tools (that can be used as weapons) are outlined and can be used in any setting using Outbreak: Undead


The True History of Delacorte

An Adventure by Doug Levandowski

Truths will come into focus in this next installment of our exploration of the Delacorte Academy. Presented by Doug Levandowski, your group will take an active role in uncovering what lurks beneath the surface of their prestigious school.


Note that these and all other Free Content Friday modules are now available on the webstore in one convenient place!

Outbreak Undead

Kids on Brooms

Overlight RPG