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Join The Crossover Craze!

Join The Crossover Craze!

Posted by Renegade Game Studios on Apr 4th 2024

Learn more about these epic crossovers coming soon!

Turn your next game night into an epic crossover episode with these upcoming releases! Robot enthusiasts can enjoy a perfect match up with Robo Rally Transformers, and battle-ready game enthusiasts can fight for the fate of the world with G.I. JOE: Battle for the Arctic Circle Powered by Axis & Allies!

Read on to learn more!

Robo Rally Transformers

The fastest robots in the universe have converged on Velocitron to race in the legendary Speedia 500 for the right to rule the planet. So start your engines, charge your weapons, and keep your eyes on the prize!

In Robo Rally: Transformers, play legendary robots like Megatron and Optimus Prime, as you navigate a dangerous racecourse and speed across the planet’s cities and deserts. Convert between your alt (vehicle) and bot modes to dart in and out of buildings, jump across obstacles, and attack your rivals. Reach the final Checkpoint first to win!


  • Transformers that convert from Bot (Robot) Mode to Alt (Vehicle) Mode
  • New racecourses in a “Cybertronian” city or desert style
  • New elements like Buildings, High Speed Roads, Corridors, Bombs and Jump Ramps
  • New Program cards to ‘drift’ in addition to the usual actions
  • Includes 6 Transformers miniatures in their bot mode
  • Over 80 different possible race course making for great replayability

Pre-order Robo Rally Transformers HERE!

G.I. JOE: Battle for the Arctic Circle Powered by Axis & Allies

Cobra has established a base at the North Pole and threatens the world with its Weather Dominator! Only G.I. Joe is ready and able to defeat these forces without drawing the entire world into a larger conflict. Admiral Keel-Haul and Snow Job lead the Joes against the aggressive forces of Cobra, led by Cobra Commander and Destro!

G.I. JOE: Battle for the Arctic Circle Powered by Axis & Allies contains over 100 plastic miniatures and has classic Axis & Allies gameplay with G.I. JOE twist! The Air, Land, and Sea of the Arctic Circle is the battlefield. Are you ready for a fight?


  • Classic Axis & Allies gameplay with easy to learn, deep strategy!
  • Includes 3 scenarios!
  • 2-4 players play as Joes or Cobra to fight for control of the Arctic Circle!
  • Over 100 figures!
  • Use the Weather Dominator to freeze the sea to block pathways, or create strategic land bridges!

Pre-order G.I. JOE: Battle for the Arctic Circle Powered by Axis & Allies HERE!