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​Meet The Artists Behind Unstoppable!

​Meet The Artists Behind Unstoppable!

Posted by Renegade Game Studios on Jun 18th 2024

Meet the artists behind Unstoppable!

Unstoppable is the newest in our Solo Hero Series on Kickstarter now! Read on to learn a bit more about the artists behind this card game. Back the campaign HERE!

Jacopo Schiavo

Jacopo works mainly in the publishing world of role-playing and table-top games, collaborating with names such as Renegade, ArchVillain Studio, Nord Game Studio, Monte Cook Games, Schwalb Ent., Grim Moon Studio, Mana Project, Aces Games, Tin Hat Games and many others. In 2022 he worked with Tiwi Studio for the program "In Compagnia Del Lupo" broadcast on Sky Arte.

Giuseppe De lure

Illustrator and concept artist, raised with Magic: the Gathering and D&D, passionate about games, literature, comics, and storytelling in general.He began his career as a concept designer for a theme park design agency, he then started creating illustrations for Monte Cook Games, Grim Moon Studio, Ghostfire Gaming, Nord Games, Renegade Games, and many others. He worked as a concept artist for Liquid Development's mobile game "Storyscape". Since 2018 he has been co-founder of Wahtari Studio.

Cold Castle Studios

Cold Castle Studios, under co-founder Csaba Bernáths art direction, contributed with the visual design and illustrations to the game, with the help of Flóra Aranyi illustrator. All members of the independent game art studio are passionate gamers, and outstanding artists. They are responsible for several board games such as My Father's Work and Terror Below.

Bryant Grizzle

Bryant Grizzle is a Concept Artist for film and games.

Gunship Revolution

Founded in a literal garage in 2011, Gunship Revolution has forged a uniquely artist-centered approach to production to become one of South East Asia's most trusted and prolific digital art providers. Uniting a stylistically and skills-diverse team under a signature commitment to quality, Gunship Revolution has provided artwork for over 900 projects with over 190 clients around the world.

Stephanie Dziezyk

"Stephanie is a scientific illustrator with a steady focus on recreating extinct fauna and creating images of living species using up-to-date research and information. Her knowledge and passion for zoology, animal behavior, biomechanics, ecology, and anatomy aids her greatly in depicting her subiects. She could not be happier to bring art and science together."

Fabian Parente (with Ana Maza)

Fabian Parente, a self-taught Illustrator, is fueled by a lifelong passion for fantasy and art. Drawing from immersive illustrations in role-playing, card, and board games, he's honed his craft over eight years of freelancing. Having recently lived in Japan for four years and traveled extensively through South America and Europe, Fabian infuses his work with diverse cultural influences. He has collaborated with esteemed clients such as Cubicle7, Chaosium Inc, and Renegade Games Studios, leaving his mark on diverse projects within the TTRPG market. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to his craft, Fabian is eager for new collaborations and continually seeks to expand his skills and creativity.

Ana Maza, a self-taught illustrator, is on a perpetual journey of artistic growth. Exploring various styles and mediums, she crafts captivating images inspired by her love for drawing and music. With six years of experience in digital illustration, Pippi's passion was ignited by her fascination with role-playing games, which also led her to spend time living in Japan. Over the past five years, she has contributed her talents to board game companies, indie projects, and role-playing game companies, constantly evolving and seeking to refine her unique artistic voice.

Darko Stojanovic

Darko Stojanovic is an illustrator and fine artist from Belgrade, Serbia. He loves reading, playing and painting fantasy, science fiction and history. The journey has started with The Hobbit and Star Wars and simple paper and crayons at the age of 6, and is going ever onward with creating board game or book illustrations for various companies around the world.

Damien Mammoliti

Damien Mammoliti is an Ennie award-winning artist from Canada that specializes in board and video game artwork for companies all around the world. He loves to work on maps and TTRPGs, as well as playing them on his off-time, and can be seen in multiple Renegade projects, from My Little Pony all the way to My Father’s Work!

Anita Olmos Osborn (Art Director)

Anita is a creative director, art director, and graphic designer in the table-top games industry. She earned her B.F.A in Visual Communication from CSU, Long Beach. Addicted to exploring, she enjoys reading maps and finding hidden eateries.

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