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Play Renegade Season 3 Is HERE!

Play Renegade Season 3 Is HERE!

Posted by Renegade Game Studios on Mar 19th 2024

Play Renegade Season 3 is HERE!

A new line of Essence20 Roleplaying Game adventures are now available for members of our Play Renegade program for FREE!

Sign up HERE to get free adventures!

Explore brand new adventures for:
  • The Power Rangers Roleplaying Game
  • G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game
  • Transformers Roleplaying Game
  • My Little Pony Roleplaying Game

What Is The Play Renegade Program?

We really appreciate all of the game masters in the world, and we want to show our support for the folks who go above and beyond to run games for the public! The Play Renegade program offers Game Master and Storyteller support by providing free adventures and stories which can be run at local events. Running games at any public event (local convention, game store, library, school, etc.) qualifies for the program!

You can sign up for the Play Renegade Program HERE!

Season 2 Adventures Available For Purchase!

That's right! We understand that not everyone is able to run public games, but these adventures were too good to keep under wraps! You can purchase all of the Game Master resources from season two RIGHT NOW in our webstore!

You can view our entire PDF collection HERE!

Where can I find games near me?

Whether your a player looking for a new game or a game master just looking for a break, we also offer services to help people find local games to join! 

Click HERE to find a game near you!

Stay tuned for more Play Renegade announcements! We have new stories for the World of Darkness coming soon!