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PlayRenegade Day!

PlayRenegade Day!

Posted by Renegade Game Studios on May 31st 2022

For many of us here at Renegade, Thursday has long been PlayRenegade Day! The goal of this day is simple: grab some friends, a Renegade game pick of the week, and get playing!

We'd like to invite you all to participate in PlayRenegade Day as well! Share your weekly PlayRenegade Day experiences with the community by posting a picture of your game group with your Renegade game of choice on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter! Be sure to include a #PlayRenegade hashtag in the post, as we'll be featuring a handful in our social stories each week!

Speaking of PlayRenegade Day, we've been brewing up some very cool Thursday streaming content over in Video Production land! Now on Thursdays, we'll be airing our PlayRenegade Day streams! The streams will feature exactly what PlayRenegade day is all about - getting some friends together and playing your favorite Renegade games!

These Thursday streams will feature playthroughs, player interviews, skits, and more! Join us this Thursday at 5 PM PST as we play our pick of the week!

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