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Transformers Roleplaying Game Community Favorite: Character Origin!

Transformers Roleplaying Game Community Favorite: Character Origin!

Sep 27th 2022

Transformers Month Week 4 is here! Engaging with the community and hearing about the parts of the book they're enjoying the most is one of our favorite parts of these celebration months! In that spirit, we'll be continuing our fan-favorite polls throughout the month! Last week, we asked our Transformers community which character Origin from the core rulebook was their favorite/top pick!

The community favorite Origin, taking 26% of total votes, is... CHAMPION!

"Sports cars, luxury sedans, even limousines, you chose an Alt Mode that is sleek, fancy, and cool. Although you have a reputation for being egotistical, others can’t help but gravitate toward your beauty. As a Champion, you may be ideal for leadership, well-spoken and witty, or so full of yourself that others don’t take you seriously."

Origins are an impactful choice when creating your Transformers Roleplaying Game character. After all, when we think of Transformers, one of the most obvious things to come to mind is the variety of incredible forms we see our favorite characters change into.

Origins feature a wide selection of diverse chassis to choose from. Some are gargantuan in size, prioritizing their brute strength and weight, while others are slim and aim for the advantage of speed.

Bryan C.P. Steele, a writer on the core rulebook, goes into what his favorite Origin from the corebook is, and why Origins are such an important part of character creation!

"My favorite Origin is definitely the Monstros... oh? In this book! I know, I know... I'm teasing. But seriously, I love the Monolith. I think part of the charm of the Transformers RPG is having to deal with being a big, beefy mechanoid in a world the size of people.

Origin selection is almost more important than what Role you choose to portray, as that it is going to set the stage to the real reason Cybertronians are different than any other Essence20 characters - the fact that they can take on completely different shapes with completely different rules additions and game aspects. It is truly where you can become your own 'bot!"

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