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Unstoppable Is Coming To Kickstarter On June 18th!

Unstoppable Is Coming To Kickstarter On June 18th!

Posted by Renegade Game Studios on May 1st 2024

Can’t Be Stopped- Unstoppable is the newest game in the Renegade Solo Hero Series on Kickstarter June 18th!

John D. Clair (Mystic Vale, Dead Reckoning) brings players back into the far reaches of space with his newest game- Unstoppable.

“This universe exists in parallel to ours, many lightyears away, in a star system that is far more advanced than our own, known as the Doumu System. Though humans in this system have spent generations in space, traveling and exploring, this galaxy is their own. Three planets exist here: Virenos, Mithras and Ceres II. “

Unstoppable is a card crafting game that can be played solo or co-op with a friend. Sleeve up your cards and play as a cosmic hero and build up your resources to defeat the threats and enemies set on destroying you and the Doumu system as we know it.

Ready to become Unstoppable? Sign up now to be notified when the crowdfunding campaign goes live in June and be ready to save….well, everyone.

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