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Fox in the Forest Duet

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Work together to play tricks and move through the forest. Use the special abilities of the characters to exchange cards with each other, then let your teammate follow with any card, and more. Win as a team by collecting all the gems, but be careful to stay on the path and not get lost in the forest!


  • Win as a team by collecting gems you find along your path
  • Play cards carefully to move through the forest without getting lost
  • Use special abilities of the characters to help your teammate
  • A Cooperative Trick-Taking Game for 2 Players 

Contents Summary:

  • 30 Game Cards (1-10 Doves, 1-10 Roses, 1-10 Stars)
  • 22 Gem Tokens
  • 4 Forest Tokens
  • 1 Team Tracker
  • 2 Reference Cards
  • 1 Forest Board
  • 1 Rules Sheet

Time to Play:
30 minutes
Game Designer:
Foxtrot Games
Game Artist:
Roanna Peroz

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