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Auld Sanguine: A Vampire: The Masquerade New Year's Eve Story

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ENNIE Award Silver Medal Best Free Game 2022!

Ring in 2022 with a Fang!

New Year’s Eve. You’ve been invited to a party to talk to Isabella, a friend of a friend. She’s being harassed by someone who knows too much about vampires. Can you deal with this last piece of business before the ball drops at midnight?

Auld Sanguine is a story for Vampire: The Masquerade. It is best suited to a coterie of about four to six neonate Camarilla vampires, although it can be adjusted to use in an Anarch chronicle. The entire story takes place within a few hours from dusk to midnight on December 31st, making it a good game to play during a holiday or as a small side story between larger chronicle events. We can’t know the specifics of your gaming group, so we highly encourage you to modify Auld Sanguine to work better within your chronicle.

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Download the fillable PDF character sheet here.

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  • 5
    we had a great time playing, Thank you

    Posted by Bertrand Nicolas on Jan 19th 2023

    thank you for creating great scenarios with the themes of vampire 5th eternally a Fan since 1992

  • 4
    New Years resolution: Play more Vampire - a Mephisto review

    Posted by Björn Lippold on Jul 15th 2022

    As a “New Year's Eve” story, Auld Sanguine offers a short introductory adventure for Vampire V5. The player characters are to contact an online streamer at a New Year's Eve party who addresses occult topics such as paganism and witchcraft and is now apparently being threatened. Naturally, this quickly brings the player characters into conflict with other vampires and powers. Without revealing more about the scenario and its background, Auld Sanguine offers a short, straightforward story that manages to present several scenes typical for the Vampire role-playing game. Thus, there is the possibility of acting with social skills and disciplines and fighting more or less unavoidable battles. Moreover, there is some investigative work if the players want to go into the finale well-prepared. The scenario, which takes place over just a few hours, is compact and offers a light challenge that allows players to choose their own approach. It can be included as an interlude in an ongoing chronicle, as well as provide the possibility of a one-shot or a test game. For the latter case, the adventure also introduces six pre-made characters. Auld Sanguine offers a simple and solid starting adventure at an unbeatable price. Auld Sanguine can be used well as an introduction to Vampire V5. However, anyone expecting information about the larger context of Vampire or rules supplements, etc., will come away empty-handed. From my point of view, however, Auld Sanguine is an well-done adventure that is worth a look and offers an easy, short game entry, especially for new storytellers and gaming groups. (Björn Lippold)

  • 4
    Its free!

    Posted by Nick on Jan 9th 2022

    Its a good free into to V5.

  • 5
    Haven't played yet

    Posted by Arthur Powell IV on Jan 5th 2022

    Haven't played yet due to being hit pretty hard by the COVID pandemic by the time everything else is taken care of the only thing I can afford is free things at the moment also don't have any game pieces, however I've always been a fan of the vampire the masquerade since I believe late 90s when I discovered it for PC and it then became a favorite of mine so this to me is totally awesome

  • 5
    Auld Sanguine

    Posted by Daniel P Atson on Dec 26th 2021

    I love this especially for this season it was perfect for my V5 Chronicle.

  • 5
    Highly entertaining

    Posted by Thomas on Dec 20th 2021

    Great history for a one-shot adventure or even to use as a session in your own campaigns (with a little adjusment to fit your chronicle). Nice ideas on how to deal with Anarchs, Camarilla and average joes hunters.

  • 5

    Posted by Alexandre Bezerril on Dec 16th 2021

    A great history, thank´s Renegade.