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Justice & Mercy Crypt Pack Preview

Justice & Mercy Crypt Pack Preview

Posted by Renegade Game Studios on Mar 29th 2023

We've previewed both the Banu Haqim and Salubri decks on YouTube, so all that's left to spoil is the new cards contained in the Crypt Pack!

We've previewed both the Banu Haqim and Salubri decks on YouTube, so all that's left to spoil is the new cards contained in the Crypt Pack! The Crypt Pack consists of these all-new cards, as well as additional copies of select cards featured in the pre-constructed decks (to ensure that a full playset of each card is avaialble). These cards usually support an alternate playstyle for each of the clans in the expansion, and Justice & Mercy is no exception! Read on to learn about these new customization options, and be sure to check out our preview streams for the rest of the expansion's cards (Banu Haqim, Salubri)

Justice & Mercy is slated for a May release, and pre-orders will get alt-art leader cards at no additional cost!

Brick & mortar retailers can sign up to get the expansion two weeks early, along with the promos as well. To do so, head to the Vampire site and fill out our early release form!

Known for their mending abilities, Good Samaritan gives the Salubri another way to score Agenda! Good Samaritan allows you to engage with the entire table, helping the weaker players and potentially even scoring 4 Agenda per round if you can trigger it on each player’s turn!

If you’re a clan on the verge of extinction, the lure of strong walls can be powerful, and where better to hole up than a Castle? The additional mending provided by this Haven will trigger your Good Samaritan agenda, and provide bonus card draw when you use it on someone on the verge of elimination, or on your own Solitary Salubri vampire.

Amara’s card effect can be used both for control, by discarding powerful attachments from foe’s characters, or to protect your own Vampires, removing curses that may be holding them back!

Kashi’s 5 Blood Potency and 2 Physical stat make him a useful defender, and his card text will allow you to trigger the Good Samaritan agenda if you defend with him during another player’s turn, earning you additional Agenda!

This is an important piece for a Good Samaritan deck. The Relentless keyword allows this to be triggered on other player’s turns, helping ensure you can score the maximum possible Agenda each round. Maybe you can even negotiate some assistance from the recipient, and score yourself Agenda at the same time! If you have both Auspex and Fortitude in your coterie, both effects might trigger.

While the pre-constructed Banu Haqim deck focuses on rituals, the Banu Haqim are also known for their rigid adherence to tradition. The six traditions represent fundamental laws of Vampire society, and many have powerful ongoing effects. Traditionalist will score agenda when they are put into play, as well as provide bonus Agenda when you control 3 or more. Note that you still control Fourth Tradition: The Accounting, even while it is attached to a foe’s character.

The High Horse synergizes with the Traditionalist agenda, rewarding you for pursuing your traditions, and making it less expensive to do so!

If you’re trying out a Traditionalist deck, Naomi is a strong choice for an attacker! With 3 options for Ongoing Traditions, and the incentive to play them from the Traditionalist agenda, her base stats and bonus damage make her a powerful threat!

Less flashy than Naomi, Szymon’s card draw ability self-replaces the played Tradition, fueling your engine and helping draw more traditions more quickly.

Non-attack cards that deal damage can provide a sneaky avenue to eliminating foes’ characters. Final Judgment has additional flexibility as you can discard ongoing Traditions to “double-dip” for additional damage.

Everyone’s favorite character at the table is the Rules Lawyer! In this case, you’ll benefit from the protection of the layers of rules and traditions of Kindred society, with powerful protection from Social and Mental attacks.

The Banu Haqim aren’t all about aggression, and Righteousness gives them some much needed mending that will also benefit from the many Traditions they’ll want to have in play.