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Month of Darkness

Celebrate the World of Darkness

Greetings Vamily, the Month of Darkness is here! This October we’ve got a full slate of goodies and promotions available for you, whether you’re a hardcore Vampire: The Masquerade player, a serious Rivals expandable card game player, or a Hunter: The Reckoning player looking to hit the streets and take down your quarry!

Make sure you're where you need to be to hear about all our Month of Darkness happenings! Join our Discord community to join the conversation, and stay up to date on the latest buzz!

FREE Promo!

Any orders of a World of Darkness physical product placed on our webstores (or shipping) during the month of October will receive a Month of Darkness Promo Pack at no additional cost (one per customer)! These packs have something for everyone! For our Rivals players, we've crafted 5 Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals promo cards featuring the characters from our Vampire live play series, the Nightlife! These characters come to life in-game, expanding the options for your coterie! For Hunters, the pack also includes a Hunter: The Reckoning dice bag, and for Vampire: The Masquerade players, an oversized d10 to throw for any extra important narrative moments during your next story!

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