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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Power Board/Panic Token Upgrade & Errata Pack

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This is a Renegade Exclusive!

Upgrade your Power Board (with dual layered punchboard & new images) and Panic Tokens (3D constructible punchboard tokens) in this Renegade Exclusive promo for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid.

Also includes at 15 card errata pack for rules clarification on the following cards:

  • Shattered Grid: Accelerate x2
  • KS Exclusive Deluxe Box: Fly Away x3
  • Zeo Ranger Pack: Let’s Party x2
  • Ranger Allies Pack #1: Magna Blaster x1
  • Rise of the Psycho Rangers: Star Slinger x1
  • Rise of the Psycho Rangers: Trick Shot x2
  • Villain Pack #2: Machine King x1
  • Rangers United: Take Initiative x1
  • Villain Pack #4: Astal Vortex x1