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The Hunger

Was: $50.00
Now: $15.00
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Vampires awake from their torpor as the eternal roses are blooming. You have until sunrise to run to the labyrinth and pick the most beautiful bloom, hunting for humans on your way, tempting familiars into helping you, and increasing your powers to become the most notorious vampire.

The Hunger is a race where each player will have to optimize their card deck, hunt humans to gain victory points, fulfill secret missions, and eventually acquire a rose and return to the castle before sunrise. The more you hunt, the slower both you and your deck become, which will make it harder and harder to get back before daybreak. Can you become the most notorious vampire? Or will you burn to ashes at sunrise?

The Hunger plays 2-6 players in about 60 minutes!

Download the rulebook here!

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  • 5
    The Hunger

    Posted by Steven Alban on Dec 30th 2022

    Very fun game. Neat concept and execution. Good replay value.

  • 5
    The Hunger!

    Posted by Steven Alban on Jan 25th 2022

    We love the game. At first, all the components seem daunting, but it is not that complicated, and a whole lot of fun. My family has played it many times and find it fun and humorous.

  • 4
    The Hunger

    Posted by Edward Woods on Nov 10th 2021

    Fun deck builder with Vampires requires a play or two to really get the feel of the game, but then it is great spooky fun. Unlike most deck builders your deck can get much less efficient as the game progresses and managing your bloated vampire is part of the fun. Hopefully there will be an expansion as I can see definite possibilities.

  • 5
    The hunger

    Posted by Daniel Lysne on Nov 10th 2021

    Very fun deck builder! The game shipped in great condition and the components are great. Wonderful experience shopping at renegade.

  • 5
    The Hunger

    Posted by Matthew Gonzales on Nov 9th 2021

    The Hunger was a very fun deck building adventure game. My wife and I had a blast trying to weigh if we should adventure out further to try and get the rose or hunt in the mid section. Very cool and approachable game.

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