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Transformers Roleplaying Game Fillable PDF Character Sheet

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A blank fillable PDF Character Sheet for Transformers Roleplaying Game.

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  • 5
    Awesome product

    Posted by vk chompooming on Sep 14th 2022

    I've been playing table-top RPG games since I was in elementary. I love these fillable character sheets! Easily after 2-3 sessions my character sheet would be scored with eraser marks and look, overall, pretty beat up and ragged. This keeps EVERYTHING neat and legible. Also, side note, this incredibly useful tool WAS FREE!!!!

  • 5
    Pretty Good PDF

    Posted by ZeroRaptor on Sep 11th 2022

    PDF is well-formatted for easy entering of data. It doesn't give you the ability to save in order to keep the base file clean for re-usability for good future-proofing. By doing so, you have to either save as or print the sheet in order to retain whatever information you input into it. Good way to get a quick glimpse at your character's stats as the journal already exists for more in-depth details.

  • 5
    Awesome product

    Posted by vk chompooming on Aug 23rd 2022

    So the Fillable RPG sheets are incredible! I cannot imagine playing ANY RPG game without them

  • 5
    Good product!

    Posted by Aron Mondschein on Aug 22nd 2022

    A very useful character sheet for a game I like!

  • 5
    I like it!

    Posted by Michael Mattingly on Aug 13th 2022

    First off that it's fillable and has a good selection. I like it and can not wait to use them!

  • 4
    Transformers Roleplaying Game Fillable PDF Character Sheet

    Posted by Jarrett Gourlay on Aug 9th 2022

    It's a well laid out an attractive sheet that provides all the information you need in a quickly accessible format. My only complaint is that, like all of the fillable sheets for Renegade Game Lines, it quickly becomes unreadable due to the sheer amount of information you have to put into each category.

  • 4
    it is indeed a character sheet.

    Posted by Chad on Aug 9th 2022

    This is a good character sheet with all useful and required fields clearly displayed, but extra lines for specializations would be appreciated. Likewise, the space for perks is limited and likely not enough to copy or type text of what each perk does. A high level or complex character will surely run out of room for perk descriptions.

  • 4

    Posted by Techbilt on Aug 9th 2022

    So this does what it needs to do. There are some things I don't know are related to PDF Forms in general cause other character sheets have this problem too, the Tab order doesn't go in any kind of neat direction. Not a big deal but it's one of those things. Another thing, I wish we could get variants of the pages like I don't plan on making my current character a triple changer, so I don't need that second alt mode spot, so changing that to another notes or Perks section might go really far. But with those two things out of the way. I do like how it's set up. I haven't played a game yet, so I haven't actually used it in action but I'm excited to see how it holds up.

  • 4
    Mostly excellent!

    Posted by Adla on Aug 9th 2022

    I've been filling out copies of this PDF to adapt some original characters as PCs in the Transformers RPG and I think this sheet is mostly well formatted. There are however some concerns I have regarding how certain text boxes are linked. Whenever I fill out some of my hardpoints, it copies only the range over to a box in the alt mode section of my sheet. If I try to erase it from that part of the sheet since I've put external hardpoints there, it erases the text from the hardpoints section automatically. I understand if this was to make copying integrated hardpoints faster when statting out a player's alt mode, however I find it a bit annoying. I would also like if there were premade sheets I could reference so I could make sure I'm filling this out properly.