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PDF Transformers Roleplaying Game Core Book

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In the Transformers Roleplaying game, create your own Autobot character and wage your battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons! Whether defending Earth against Megatron’s plans of attack, searching for elusive stores of Energon, or protecting innocent humans and Cybertronians alike, your game is only limited by the stories you create!

This book contains everything you need to create your own Transformers robot character and play the game - just add dice, some friends, and your imagination:

  • Complete rules for players and Game Masters focused on fun storytelling and epic combat
  • Character creation tools, weapons, equipment, vehicles, and villain dossiers 
  • Combat and exploration information, details of secret bases and special equipment, and tools to get your campaign started
  • An introductory adventure for 1st-level characters that is ready to play with your new character
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  • 5
    Transformers Core RPG

    Posted by Patrick on Mar 20th 2023

    Very well thought out, simple to understand with lots of variety to the classes.

  • 4
    Transformers RPG: PDF

    Posted by Deagon Harris on Feb 26th 2023

    I’m going to split this review into two sections, the good, the bad, and suggestions. This game is almost perfect to me, but the PDF has a good few errors that make it hard to give a perfect score especially considering the price of it for a PDF that does contain a good few errors. If you’ll notice the score is still high, this is because despite the errors the PDF is still of great quality. The Good: • The system is fun and easy to teach, has been an easy transition for those familiar with d20 systems. • The system does good at helping you make your transformer with examples to compare yourself to, and by making sure what you turn into isn’t your only feature. Optimus isn’t just a truck, he’s a brave kind hearted leader willing to take hits for his allies on the battlefield and the system gets that. • A good sum of content: it contains the essentials to play all in one book, where other RPGs would charge you separately for a book of enemies or a simple starting adventure this PDF provides both in one package. The Bad: • There are a good sum of errors throughout the book, from the starting adventure using class names that don’t exist, to enemies using damage types that by all means don’t exist in the system, to one of a class’ features being listed twice. While these issues don’t make the book unusable, they hurt navigation and ease of understanding. • Some content is missing from the book, such as machine guns that the book mentions but don’t appear in them. Suggestions: • For the threats section it would be nice if the PDF listed what exactly the Decepticons alt-modes are, as some have had multiple throughout their time. While it does make sense to say “the game master can decide which to use” the stats seem to have a specific alt-mode in mind, so it would help to know what that specific one is. • Release a patch to the PDF eventually that fixes the errors making the book harder to read and understand for those who already have the PDF that contains the mentioned errors.

  • 4
    Transformers RPG

    Posted by Marty Fergusn on Feb 4th 2023

    Like seeing an old friend after a long time apart

  • 5
    Transformers RPG

    Posted by Darren on Jan 16th 2023

    Excellent book, art work is superb, a lot of fun to play

  • 4
    Respect the Old Ways

    Posted by Casey J on Nov 8th 2022

    Character creation is out of order in Transformers. Most gamers I know (myself included) start making their character by choosing their Role, then Race (Chassis), and then distribute/generate Stats, with other details rounding out the whole character at the end (Hang-ups/Influences). G.I.Joe also suffers from this flaw. It makes building characters a confusing task when everything is contrary to what has worked for decades. Being different doesn't always mean being better. ;)

  • 4
    A Wish Fulfilled 38 Years Later

    Posted by Patrick Allen on Oct 28th 2022

    Where do I start? This RPG has been a long time coming and as an avid TF G1 fan and lifetime GM, this is an awesome dream fulfilled! The Essence20 System is VERY new to me and I was a little overwhelemed. After getting some clarifications from fellow players/GMs, it's making a lot more sense. As a whole, it gives both the players and GM plenty to work with for a standard G1 inspired campaign without giving you a specific path to follow. As someone suggested, read Chapter 6 after Chapter 1 if you've never experienced the system and the rest falls into place MUCH easier. The artwork is superb, from beginning to end and the layout is eye catching. Perhaps the biggest failing of this book is that it left me wanting more! More info on animal Alt-Forms, Combiners and even some character sheet examples for the Autobots. I have a feeling that this will be released as a sourcebook eventually but *sigh* I'm sure I speak for most of us when I say we definitely want this sooner than later! Overall, this RPG (along with GI Joe) has been a total blast to read and gets the wheels turning for some old-school adventures! I highly recommend it! Roll out! :-)

  • 4
    Excellent start

    Posted by Jeremiah Bailiff on Oct 12th 2022

    As a fan of Transformers, I've been waiting years for this kind of RPG. It's robust, versatile, and not too rules heavy. There is room for clarity and additional info without becoming a D20-like nightmare lol. I will definitely keep my eye on this product and look forward to future releases and errata (I hope), and revisions.

  • 4
    Decent rule book.

    Posted by John Bollinger on Aug 31st 2022

    Decent book, but be sure to go to Discord were the typos and rule issues are being tracked and clarified. Nothing game breaking, but some adjustments will need to be made for a second printing.

  • 4

    Posted by Mr. Critical on Aug 26th 2022

    It's a pretty solid game with plenty room for growth or Homebrew. I look forward to additional materials published for this game.

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