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Bargain Quest Brick & Mortar Expansion

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For a limited time orders will receive a Bargain Quest Brick & Mortar Promo Pack for FREE. The Bargain Quest Brick & Mortar Promo Pack contains 1 Tarot Card (Convention Season event card) 4 Poker Sized Cards (alternate art heroes). The Bargain Quest Brick & Mortar Promo Pack will be added to your cart for FREE when ordering Bargain Quest Brick & Mortar Expansion.

Brick & Mortar is an expansion for Bargain Quest that lets the shopkeepers engage in direct competition during special Shopping Events!  It's time to wage war against your rivals alongside new heroes, items, and employees in the thrilling Retail Rumble game mode!

Whether it's a Trebuchet Launch Party or the dreaded Blackguard Friday, the only monster in this mercenary marketplace is YOU.

Expansion: Requires Bargain Quest to play.


  • Expansion for Bargain Quest. Base game required to play.
  • Introduces Event cards depicting various chaotic shopping events that occur throughout the year!
  • New Retail Rumble game mode, which has shops battling directly in an all-out turf war!
  • New shop boards, employees and items that can be used in any game mode.

Contents Summary:

  • 22 Item Cards
  • 12 Shopping Event Cards
  • 10 Heroes
  • 9 Employee Cards
  • 2 Shop Boards
  • 1 Rulebook

At a Glance:

  • Number of Players: 2-6
  • For Ages: 8+
  • Playing Time: 45 min
  • Game Type: Expansion