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My Father's Work: Player Interview!

In My Father’s Work, players compete as mad scientists who were entrusted with a page from their father’s journal, along with a large estate in which to perform their devious experiments. Players earn…

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JOE Month Bonus Round!

Yo Joes! You thought we were done?! Although Joes month has come to an end, we wanted to surprise you all and kick off the new month with a few extra goodies this week! Prepare for your bonus mission,…

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First Look Inside the RPG Character Journals!

The RPG character journals are an excellent resource that help players fully customize and develop their individual characters. The journals feature not only expanded characters sheets, but much, mu…

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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Scenario #23 - Day of the Dinozords!

Hayley signals you through your morphers. “Rangers, the Dinozords are missing. Did you summon them? I haven’t heard about any monster attacks.” You quickly confirm that none of you had summoned your Z…

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G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game: Basic Training!

As the G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game lands on shelves around the world, many fans of this iconic brand are delving into roleplaying games for the very first time! This article features top tips that wil…

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Joe Month Week 4 - The Finale!

Yo Joes! What an awesome few weeks it’s been… But we’re not done yet! It’s time to load up in the VAMP and head out on the final mission of JOE Month!Mission Critical Kickstarter Campaign – The Kickst…

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