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Hunter: The Reckoning Character Journal Preview!

To celebrate the release of Hunter: The Reckoning, we would like to share a first look inside of the Hunter Character Journal! These character journals are an excellent resource that help pl…

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Time Force: Quantum Ranger Spoiler Blog!

Let’s have some fun.Development on the Quantum Ranger started LONG before this pack even came up on the release schedule. I think he was bumped from the first AND second Ally Pack and very nearly was…

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Hunter: The Reckoning Character Creation Competition

It's about that time – Hunter: The Reckoning releases next week! Right after the release, comes Hunter Month – a celebration of Hunter and the incredible chronicles to come! We will provide wee…

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Character Creation Competition: Winner Interview!

So, you’ve got yourself a copy of the G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game, and now find yourself preparing to create your very own character! Whether you grew up watching G.I. JOE, or are just a fan of TT…

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The D.I.Y. Approach - Hunter: The Reckoning

Hunter is all about the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) ethic. You’ve learned that the supernatural exists and you’ve committed to doing something (yourself! But also with your cellies) about it. And you can’t g…

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PlayRenegade Day!

For many of us here at Renegade, Thursday has long been PlayRenegade Day! The goal of this day is simple: grab some friends, a Renegade game pick of the week, and get playing!We'd like to invite you a…

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