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Download The Search for Lost Species App Today!

Wondering if The Search for Lost Species' companion app will be ready by the time the Kickstarter fulfills in May? No need to wonder, it's already avaialble for download!…

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Rewards from Renegade!

We want to reward our biggest fans! With our new Renegade Rewards, you can now earn points with every purchase on our webstore, and then cash them in for a discount on your next game purchase!First of…

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The Search for Lost Species - Eco-Friendly Production!

In The Search for Lost Species, coming to Kickstarter January 31st from Renegade Game Studios, players take on the role of researchers combing the wilderness to find species that were previously…

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You Pick the Battle! We'll Make the Game!

Leave your mark on the legacy of Axis & Allies games! We want YOU, the community, to choose the newest Axis & Allies battle! We’ve got plans to return to certain older and out-of…

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Axis & Allies: Join the Officer's Club!

Join the conversation, get early access, and be the first to know! Introducing the Officer's Club: our official Axis & Allies community! Join today and get involved so you don't miss a…

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Axis & Allies Reprints Are Coming!

We’re excited to announce that beginning in Q2 2023, Renegade reprints of Axis & Allies 1941, Axis & Allies 1942, Axis & Allies 1940 Europe, and Axis & Allies 1940 Pacific will b…

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