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Help Solve the Mystery - Crimes & Capers Available at Gen Con!

Help Solve the Mystery - Crimes & Capers Available at Gen Con!

Posted by Renegade Games on Sep 14th 2021

Stop by and visit us at Booth #1803 to pick up Crimes & Capers High School Hijinks, and Crimes & Capers Lady Leona's Last Wishes! In these new, fully-cooperative twists on the murder mystery genre, you'll work together to solve challenging puzzles, piece together clues, and solve the mystery! Designed by Juliana Moreno Patel and Ariel Rubin, there are two great and evocative settings, each with their own distinct story and mystery to solve! 

DesignersJuliana and Ariel are finalists for Game Innovator of the Year at the 2021 Toy and Game International Excellence Awards, also known as the TAGIEs!


Welcome to 1998…. Romi’s been framed! As the senior leaders of Blair High School, you have gathered the passed notes from today to see if you can figure out who framed Romi. If you don’t figure it out, she will be expelled!


Who gets the fortune? It’s 1919 at the Langford Estate. Lady Leona has died and absolutely no one is sad about it. She was forever threatening to write people out of her will. Now that she is finally gone, her closest family and favored servants have gathered for the reading of her will. But Leona always loved two things: Puzzles and Making Life Difficult.

And if you're not able to join in the fun at Gen Con this year, High School Hijinks is already released and should be available at your FLGS of choice, while Lady Leona's Last Wishes releases tomorrow, Sept 15th!