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Hunter: The Reckoning Character Creation Competition

Hunter: The Reckoning Character Creation Competition

Posted by Renegade Game Studios on Jun 15th 2022

It's about that time – Hunter: The Reckoning releases next week! Right after the release, comes Hunter Month – a celebration of Hunter and the incredible chronicles to come! We will provide weekly content drops through Hunter Month, and host fun community events!

Since many have gotten their early copy of the PDF, I'd like to open up one of the first events for Hunter month early: the Character Creation Competition!

The Character Creation Competition will be active through the entirety of Hunter month, with a winner being voted upon during the final week. The goal of the competition is simple: create an incredible Hunter character using the tools provided by the RPG book, and post them in the #hunter-character-creation-competition channel that has been created for this event on our discord server!

The Hunters will be rated on 3 primary aspects:

1. Originality
2. Appearance
3. Backstory

When developing your character’s backstory, we encourage you to include information which illuminates your character’s Concept, Ambition, Desire, Touchstones, Creed, and Drive. The fashion in which these aspects interweave and support each other will serve to increase the depth of your backstory!

The winner of this competition will have their character featured in a future official article with tips on how to create a great character for Hunter: The Reckoning! As the mastermind behind the character, you will get the opportunity to provide your own top tips to be included in the article! Plus, exclusive community status rewards will be yours as well!

Not sure where to start with your character? Learn how to create your Hunter with Huddy from World of Darkness, who will be guiding viewers through the Hunter: The Reckoning character sheets tomorrow during WoD News, this Thursday at 8am PST!

Ready to dive into the competition? Head on over to the discord server to get started!