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Hunter: The Reckoning 5th Edition Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook

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ENNIE Award Nominated Best Rules 2023!

A Storytelling Game of Desperate Measures

You saw what you shouldn’t have, the veil pulled back from the secret world and the monsters who prowl it. You chronicled the tragedies they wrought, these monsters, and the victims upon whom they preyed. You grasped the extent of their influence and witnessed the corruption of the organizations formed to keep them in check. And you vowed to do something about it. Tonight, you act. It’s time for a Reckoning.


  • Hardback full color book with ribbon bookmark
  • Introduces the Hunters of the World of Darkness for 5th Edition
  • Features chapters on character creation, supernatural threats, and rival organizations

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  • 5
    Best Hunter Edition Ever

    Posted by Scott Uhls on Jul 10th 2022

    This edition of Hunter, compared to previous editions of Hunter the Reckoning but also to Hunter the Vigil, is the best edition thus far. Some of the creative was the same as Hunter the Vigil 1st Edition and you can see the gritty, punk feel that was intended in that game coming loose and wrecking havoc in the pages of this edition. From start to finish, there's a unified, clear feel to the writing and there is a simplicity in design that allows for ST's and players to be as narrative or complex as they desire and the game almost invites you to build upon the rules as written with your homebrewed works. In a good way! Like is it a EMF detector that helps you find ghosts or your own psychic intuition? Does your "arsenal" edge manifest as a gunsmith you know or a storage locker you keep well stocked? Admittedly, if you were a fan of the old "embued" Hunter the Reckoning Hunters, this book focuses on the "human" side, but there are a few methods available to recreate many of the old Hunters. It gets a 5/5 from me.

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