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Month of Darkness: Week 3 - The Mixologist, High Stakes, and More...

Week 3 of the Month of Darkness is here, Vamily...! Here's what we have planned!Hunter: The Reckoning Quarry: The Mixologist“I call this one The Hunter’s Lament. Here’s the recipe..."Check it out…

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Month of Darkness: Week 2!

The second week of Month of Darkness has arrived, Vamily! Here's what we've got planned!Vampire: The Masquerade Character Development AidLike the Hunter: The Reckoning Character Develop…

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Month of Darkness: Week 1!

The Month of Darkness has finally arrived, Vamily! Here's what we have planned for week one! Hunter: The Reckoning Character Development AidFor the Month of Darkness, we've created the Hunter: The Re…

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