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The Search for Lost Species - Eco-Friendly Production!

In The Search for Lost Species, coming to Kickstarter January 31st from Renegade Game Studios, players take on the role of researchers combing the wilderness to find species that were previously…

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Claim Victory at Gen Con!

Think you’re the best? A brilliant general, taking on tactical and strategic challenges with ease? Then it’s time to prove it at the Axis & Allies World Championship, hosted at Gen Con, Augu…

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The Search for Lost Species Launches on Kickstarter Jan 31st!

The Search for Lost Species, an upcoming board game from the creators of The Search for Planet X, launches on Kickstarter January 31st!In The Search for Lost Species, players will find themselves…

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Mission Critical Scenario 1: Vehicle Blitz

YO JOE! We're excited to introduce our very first Mission Critical scenario! For those new to the scenario scene, this is just some free extra content for you to enjoy with your game! Scenarios provid…

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G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game Expanded Character Journal Preview

The G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game Expanded Character Journal is a resource that helps players fully customize and develop their individual character. The journals feature not only expanded characters…

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Month of Darkness Week 4: The Dominatrix, High Stakes, and More!

Week 4 of the Month of Darkness is here, Vamily! Here's what we've got planned for the final week!Vampire: The Masquerade Antagonist - The Dominatrix“Did you know that some people have…

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