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Month of Darkness: Week 2!

The second week of Month of Darkness has arrived, Vamily! Here's what we've got planned!Vampire: The Masquerade Character Development AidLike the Hunter: The Reckoning Character Develop…

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​Transformers Deck-Building Game: Flight, Teleport, and Multi-Changers

Cars, trucks, motorcycles, and all manner of other wheeled transportation are zipping around the Matrix in Transformers Deck-Building Game. The core set only contains ground-based vehicles, b…

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Month of Darkness: Week 1!

The Month of Darkness has finally arrived, Vamily! Here's what we have planned for week one! Hunter: The Reckoning Character Development AidFor the Month of Darkness, we've created the Hunter: The Re…

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Vampire: The Masquerade Character Creation Competition

Happy Month of Darkness, Vamily! The Vampire: The Masquerade Character Creation Competition will be active from October 5th - October 28th, with a winner being voted upon and selected by com…

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Month of Darkness Begins October 1st!

Greetings Vamily, the Month of Darkness draws near! This October we’ve got a full slate of goodies and promotions available for you, whether you’re a hardcore Vampire: The Masquerade player, a se…

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Transformers Month Week 4: Grand Finale!

It's time for another week of Transformers Month! To celebrate the release of the Transformers Roleplaying Game PDF, and the upcoming release of the physical book releasing October 11, we've craf…

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