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The Search for Lost Species Launches on Kickstarter Jan 31st!

The Search for Lost Species Launches on Kickstarter Jan 31st!

Posted by Renegade Game Studios on Jan 11th 2023

The Search for Lost Species, an upcoming board game from the creators of The Search for Planet X, launches on Kickstarter January 31st!

In The Search for Lost Species, players will find themselves in the role of scientists on an expedition to find and save lost species that may be on the brink of extinction. Through the use of logical deduction, careful expedition planning, and skilled natural investigation, you just may have what it takes to find and save the lost species!

The Search for Lost Species features not one, but SIX lost species for players to find! Each with a unique logic rule to add an element of replay-ability and revitalize each experience with new obstacles! Plus, the game board is double sided, featuring two versions of the island you'll be exploring, each with easier and harder difficulties.

To learn more about this exciting game, check out our game trailer, the design diary on BoardGameGeek, or the full video overview by Tantrum House!

We'll see you on the search, friends! Don't forget to sign-up to be notified of launch - wouldn't want to miss the expedition!

- Renegade Game Studios