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Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook

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Become a Power Ranger and protect Angel Grove and the Earth against the evil forces of Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, Master Vile, and more in the epic world of Power Rangers! Whether you interrupt Rita’s monster attacks in her attempt of world domination or defeat the forces of the Machine Empire from invading Earth, there is no limit to the heroic stories you will tell.

In the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game, create your ultimate Power Ranger persona by combining personal traits, childhood influences, and your chosen Ranger color to make a hero worthy of the Power!

This book contains everything you need to create your own Power Rangers character and play the game - just add dice, some friends, and your imagination:

  • Complete rules for players and Game Masters focused on fun storytelling and epic combat
  • Character creation tools, weapons, equipment, Zords, and more from the Zordon era 
  • Combat and exploration information, detailed locations in Angel Grove, and tools to get your campaign started
  • An introductory adventure for 1st-level characters that is ready to play with your new character

May the Power protect you!

Download the Character Sheet here!

Download some pre-generated Character Sheets here!

Download the FAQ here or view the online Living FAQ here!

The age rating on this game speaks to the age an individual can independently cultivate a quality, as-intended experience for themselves playing the game. It's not to say that younger kids can't play, quite the contrary. It's just suggested that they have a 14+ person helping them play to ensure they have a quality experience.

Number of Players:
For Ages:
Game Designer:
Bryan C.P. Steele, TJ Storm, Elisa Teague
Game Artist:
Dan Mora

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  • 4
    Character Creation

    Posted by John Lewis on Mar 14th 2022

    The Essence System does a great job destroying a bit of power creep found in other systems: Min/Maxing, or Power Gaming

  • 4
    Power Ranger Core Rulebook

    Posted by James Howard on Mar 7th 2022

    I liked the contents of the book overall with some small issues regarding layouts and clarity. Some clarity in weapon rules and traits would have been appreciated and equipment could have been better explained. What counts as a versatile weapon? What counts as a Light weapon? The gear several chapters below the Role choices where they mattered the most hindered character creation and led to confusion both times I ran the intro adventure. The armor section was equally confusing for my players during character creation. The armor listed is not explained outside of their stats and no examples given for how it is (as best I can tell) extra armor outside the shell generated by Its Morphin Time! The threats section feels empty and lacking more than one or two iconic creatures out of an already limited selection. Withholding threat creation rules for what appears to be a second book or product feels like a poor choice. I was not able to get into Zords or vehicle combat. Overall I enjoyed the book but several small issues made prepping for and running the game confusing.

  • 3
    Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook

    Posted by Darvin Richmond on Mar 6th 2022

    It was okay, but it wasn't great. It mentions that it covers the entire Zordon era, and this is inaccurate. It covers 'parts' of the Zordon era. It has significant glaring omissions, including Goldar, Scorpina, Rita Replusa, just to name the bigger bads. It omits quite a few monsters, and given that the show is a 'Monster of the week' kind of series, having only 10 enemies(roughly, could be 12?) is a significant disappointment. They also left out quite a few zords, 6th rangers, ranger friends(Ninjor) among other tidbits. Overall, it isn't 'bad' but it's lacking a significant amount of content that feels promised by stating it covers the entire 'Zordon' era of power rangers, when it doesn't even have half of the content. Hoping we get a more complete version of this book in the future.

  • 4
    Good, but lacking

    Posted by Ennui Jisatsu on Feb 23rd 2022

    This RPG has been a life long dream and wait for me and I'm so excited to have it in my hands. However as I read and learn the mechanics I notice certain features, like 'versatile weapons' are not described and not a single weapon in the weapons catalog is labeled as Versatile. This is one example of game traits that could be a road block for new RPG players. Yellow rangers receive 2 "small" power weapons, but what does that truly mean? No weapon is described as small. And these problems with description also carry over to creating weapons from your mind. My other main problem is with the choices of enemies, lord Zedd and Rita are not included and those were the 2 characters I expected to see from the core rulebook, as well as the main moon palace henchmen. In conclusion I am very happy with my book, however there are changes I believe need to be made

  • 5
    Power Rangers core rulebook

    Posted by Max on Feb 19th 2022

    Great book with wonderful art. And easily the most fun I've ever had gaming.

  • 5
    Power Rangers RPG Core Rulebook

    Posted by J A Wilson on Feb 2nd 2022

    I grew up pre-Power Rangers. I actually bought this initially as a preview to the GI Joe and Transformers games (more my age). I have to say, I was really impressed with my book. Both the art and the system are great. The art is really inspiring. It makes you want to create your own ranger to play. The Essence system is simple enough to learn quickly, yet complex enough to not be boring. I was so inspired by this book that I started a game with my wife and 10 year old son (who was a fan). We're all having a blast! I've even gone back to research the mythos, and been enjoying that aspect as well. If you have 5 or 6 friends willing to wear different colored shirts, get this game. You'll have fun being Noble/Brights heroes protecting the world from evil. The only negative is that it's too short. I feel as if there's a GM book coming out soon. If there is... I'll buy that immediately too.

  • 4
    Seems Super Fun

    Posted by Eli on Jan 27th 2022

    Some stuff is definitely left out, like how to balance an encounter or what Threat Level means. It seems like something that can be figured out pretty quick but it’s be nice if it was in the book. lol