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PDF Power Rangers Roleplaying Game

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Become a Power Ranger and protect Angel Grove and the Earth against the evil forces of Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, Master Vile, and more in the epic world of Power Rangers! Whether you interrupt Rita’s monster attacks in her attempt of world domination or defeat the forces of the Machine Empire from invading Earth, there is no limit to the heroic stories you will tell.

In the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game, create your ultimate Power Ranger persona by combining personal traits, childhood influences, and your chosen Ranger color to make a hero worthy of the Power!

This PDF book contains everything you need to create your own Power Rangers character and play the game - just add dice, some friends, and your imagination:

  • Complete rules for players and Game Masters focused on fun storytelling and epic combat
  • Character creation tools, weapons, equipment, Zords, and more from the Zordon era 
  • Combat and exploration information, detailed locations in Angel Grove, and tools to get your campaign started
  • An introductory adventure for 1st-level characters that is ready to play with your new character

Download the Character Sheet here!

Download some pre-generated Character Sheets here!

Download the FAQ here or view the online Living FAQ here!

Number of Players:
For Ages:
Game Designer:
Bryan C.P. Steele, TJ Storm, Elisa Teague
Game Artist:
Dan Mora

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  • 5
    the book is very inaginative, brings back the dreams we use to have of being a teenager with attituder

    Posted by Alexander Herrera on Apr 17th 2022

    Never thought that I could make myself into a Power Ranger, but now I can.

  • 4
    Great so far

    Posted by Bernard Dale Foster on Feb 27th 2022

    I recently purchased this and it's really a fantastic product. The only criticism I have is that there is no threat creation system in the book. That makes it slightly harder to run, but other than that it's great.

  • 5
    The dream of my life!!

    Posted by Phil Bern on Feb 16th 2022

    It's morphin Time!!

  • 3
    One word: “Underbaked”

    Posted by Donald Johnston on Feb 15th 2022

    I don’t think I’m saying anything new here, but a little more time in the oven would’ve gone a long way with this game.

  • 3
    Needs work.

    Posted by Jeff Craigmile on Jan 28th 2022

    This game has a lot going for it. The art, layout and game mechanics are all excellent. It captures the genre very well. Things that need improvement: 1. Monsters. Please include a quick monster generation system. More monsters, better monsters, and key NPCs, please? 2. GM section. This book is very player-focused for a "Core" rulebook. The lack of a GM section might be a bit off-putting to new players and GMs. 3. The adventure included feels very gamey and not very Mighty Morphin. Save it for a convention and next time bigger, louder and more action-packed. Otherwise great game! Keep up the good work. There's a lot of potential here. It will be interesting to see what develops going forward for both this and other Essence20 products. Personally I would like to see Samurai and Megaforce in an upcoming Rangers book. What are your plans for sourcebooks going forward?

  • 3
    Power Rangers Roleplaying Game

    Posted by Ryan on Jan 20th 2022

    Was loving the book until I came across the monster section and found no Goldar, no Rita, and no Zedd stats. Why would the game be based around at the very least defeating Rita and then those characters arent included? It felt like it was intentionally missing fan favorite enemies to inevitably push some "Monster Manual" I will also have to buy down the line for the complete experience. First time ive been disappointed by a Renegade product after buying almost the entirety of the Heroes of the Grid game & expansions.

  • 4

    Posted by Steve B on Jan 20th 2022

    Very fun book and I'm very excited to play.

  • 4
    Amazing but lacking a bit

    Posted by Raul E Fuentes on Jan 19th 2022

    Over all I felt this was amazing however felt it was a bit lacking of enemies and other options for creating character, also maybe some NPC characters to interact with as well. Over all happy with this product.

  • 3
    Subject Matter is a 5, but the Gaps drag it down

    Posted by Cody Beaird on Jan 19th 2022

    I have wanted a Power Rangers TTRPG to come out my entire life, an official one, and here it is! I've been a fan since In Space, (born in 1994) so I missed the MMRP train, but I love this franchise. The System looks great, I love the mechanics, I think the classes are sound, it FEELS like Power Rangers and that matters. However, the actual core rule book leaves me lacking. The book is vague on terms that SHOULD be defined like (versatile or light) are not here. Examples of how you build certain Aspects of your characters (Like Power Weapons) are NOT Here. Zords, while included in the book, do not help in the slightest when making you're own. The sizes are different, no explanation why, and the rules are light in giving context to the player. The Character Sheet is flawed. The 2nd Page shows the same skill 3 times, and that probably is what irks me the most. The thing every player, and DM is going to look at, has errors on it. I want you to buy it, but bear in mind this is not a Game System that answers every question you have just in this book. tldr, I love the topic and want to play it, but the book keeps me from falling in love with typos and other erroneous errors.