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PDF Transformers Roleplaying Game Free Bonus Material

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Get all of the free bonus material for the Transformers Roleplaying Game here!

This free material provided by Renegade will help suppliment your game and take it to the next level!

Purchase this $0 item by adding it to your cart and checking out as usual (no payment will be required). Follow the steps below to download the bonus material:

  • Log into your account on the website or access it through the "check your order" link in the confirmation email.
  • Click on the order number and an itemized list will appear.
  • Click the small blue arrow next to the PDF on the list and then follow the onscreen directions to download your PDF!

As new files are added to this product they will automatically appear in your account if you have previously purchased this $0 item. Simply follow the directions above and you will have access to the newly added files.

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  • 4
    Cool supplement

    Posted by CJ on Jan 16th 2023

    Cool additions for core stuff

  • 4
    Transformers bonus material

    Posted by Martin Koehler on Nov 28th 2022

    Love that we got rules for the "hate plague" and great level one examples for the different types of characters. Big help.

  • 4

    Posted by Floyd Claxton on Nov 17th 2022

    This was a good download with material that can be used to enhance your game. It includes some stats on characters that can be used ready to run or for the G.M. to use as N.P.C.s

  • 4
    Good but not sure why it wasn't in the core

    Posted by Mark S. on Oct 22nd 2022

    These 4 downoadable pdfs are very and an enjoyable read even for someone who has yet to finish the core book. Them being as cool as they are does make me wonder why they weren't included though. Perhaps there weren't enough to warrant a full entry in the core book? Perhaps it's a sign of things to come? If the latter then I and all of you should be very excited!! In no particular order; 9 pre-gen Autobots. Some awesome classics that I won't spoil here. Not the ones you think though. The Hate Plague. Some nice juicy detail here that any enterprising GM could make a great campaign out of. Im not one, more detail please rofl. Polarity Gauntlets. Yeaaaaa, don't know shit about these haha! Starscreams Schemes. This is a really fun set of tables letting you match up some quick scheming from our favorite backstabbing Decepticon. I am sooo looking forward to using this!! Its free so get it. But the content itself is really cool looking. This only looses a star due to not being physical in any way let alone in the core book and not having enough detail, ie THP. I will admit though, I am being VERY nit picky. I love looking at this as a sign of things to come. Get it, you'll love it!!

  • 5
    Transformers TTRPG

    Posted by Paul Spurgeon on Oct 4th 2022

    The new Essence20 Transformers RPG system allows players tremendous latitude in creating a wide variety of characters. The streamlined gameplay keeps the action moving and fun.

  • 5
    Transformers RPG Free Bonus Material

    Posted by Kim Conter on Sep 29th 2022

    Great stuff, I can just recomand it for sure.