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Light & Darkness: Jarrod/Dai Shi Spoiler Blog!

Light & Darkness: Jarrod/Dai Shi Spoiler Blog!

Posted by Renegade Game Studios on Sep 19th 2022

Alright! Another Light and Darkness Spoiler Blog! Finally we get to talk about one of my personal favorite pairings from the pack: Jarrod, and the evil Dai Shi!

Jarrod, the Black Lion Warrior has the ability Ferocity, which allows him to convert any of his cards into a 2 die attack. This is at the core of his game plan, where he’s got a variety of options, but is always capable of laying down damage when necessary.


Jarrod is a combo focused Ranger, chaining together attacks and boosting them to greater heights. Spirit of the Lion allows him to constantly apply combat pressure every turn, and Lion Combo lets him follow up on the momentum of battle to continue his hits.By tapping into his Zocato Power, Jarrod can boost these attacks to even greater heights.


Dai Shi mirrors Jarrod in many aspects, one of them is that he also builds momentum over the course of a battle. While most enemy cards are no longer a threat after they’ve resolved, Dai Shi has numerous techniques that must be dealt with or they’ll continue pummeling the Rangers with end of turn effects. His cards are all about slowly applying a crushing, relentless pressure to the Rangers until they’re absolutely destroyed.

That’s all for now Rangers! See y’all next week!

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