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Heroes of the Grid Scenario #25: Darkliptor

The evil Dark Specter has dispatched many monsters to defeat the Power Rangers, but the Rangers have overcome even his most powerful servants. In deep space, word of the Rangers’ victories reaches the…

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Light & Darkness: Rinshi / Rinshi Beasts Spoiler Blog!

It’s time for the final spoiler blog in Light and Darkness! This time we’re talking about Rinshi and Rinshi Beasts!                      &nb…

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Light & Darkness: Tyzonn / Cursed Tyzonn Spoiler Blog!

Hey guys, we’re back with another Hero / Villain spoiler blog from Light and Darkness! This time it’s Tyzonn, the Mercury Ranger, and Cursed Tyzonn.  Tyzonn is the first appearance of an Ope…

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Light & Darkness: Jarrod/Dai Shi Spoiler Blog!

Alright! Another Light and Darkness Spoiler Blog! Finally we get to talk about one of my personal favorite pairings from the pack: Jarrod, and the evil Dai Shi! Jarrod, the Black Lion Warrior has the…

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Light & Darkness: Heckyl/Snide Spoiler Blog!

Just 14 days remain to pre-order Light & Darkness and Villain Pack #5: Terror Through Time! While we wait, let's enjoy some more Light & Darkness spoilers! This week, we're taking a look at He…

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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Scenario #24 - Grid Scramble!

Another day, another monster attack—but when you try to morph, nothing happens! You hurry to the Command Center to find out what’s wrong.You find Alpha 5 frantically shuffling between blinking control…

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