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Light & Darkness: Merrick/Zen Aku Spoiler Blog!

Light & Darkness: Merrick/Zen Aku Spoiler Blog!

Posted by Renegade Game Studios on Sep 6th 2022

Hey Rangers! Jonathan again, here to talk about a new fan favorite: Merrick, the Lunar Wolf Ranger! Alongside his evil half, the villainous Zen-Aku.


Both Merrick and Zen-Aku have abilities that feature time in some respect. Merrick’s ability is Lone Wolf, which allows him to play cards at a reduced cost until another Ranger plays a card. Zen-Aku meanwhile slowly grows in power as the battle progresses, with every one of his resolved cards growing in power like a waxing moon.


Merrick’s cards allow him to build up the pressure over the course of a battle, by using his ability. Combine this with cards like Claws of the Wolf and Lunar Pool have lingering effects for the next turn or even the rest of the battle. In addition, his Lunar Cue allows him to Ready a Zord card in addition to dealing damage!


Meanwhile, Zen-Aku is a deadly foe who likewise uses Zords to his advantage. With Full Moon active his cards are much tougher to interrupt, while Zord Control turns the Zords against the players, dealing more damage based on the number they have summoned.

Unsurprisingly, Wild Force is a season all about Zords, with Merrick himself using three different Predazords in combat. Appropriately, Merrick himself has THREE Zords at his disposal! Like a coordinated pack, these predazords can swap out to whichever one is the most needed for a given moment. We’ll just spoil one of them for now:

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