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RPM: Get In Gear Spoiler Blog!

RPM: Get In Gear Spoiler Blog!

Posted by Renegade Game Studios on Aug 29th 2022

Get ready to go fast! RPM: Get in Gear is on the horizon and moving fast towards a store near you. This expansion takes what you love about the Power Rangers Deck-Building Game and speeds it up with RPM and Energy Stealing effects (and a whole lot more). Let’s talk about these 2 concepts, starting with Energy stealing, as that does pretty much what you think it might. The Villains are the masters of Energy stealing, but even the Heroes have some available to them.

Energy Stealing:

As you know by now, the key to a healthy defense against endless attacks is to have plenty of Energy to fuel your Blocks. If you can’t get through your foe’s defenses, knock down those defenses and you’ll have no trouble. Attacks that steal Energy are even better, as that Energy can be used to power up still more attacks.

Attacks that steal Energy make it difficult for your foes to Block. Are they really going to spend 2-4 Energy and discard a Block to stop an attack that would steal 3 Energy? Sometimes, but in most cases, I bet they’d rather keep the card.

With a Maneuver like Energy Siphon, paying 4 to steal 3 Energy might not sound great, but in the end, it really only cost you 1 Energy to Steal 3 from them. If you have flipped to your Ranger or Empowered side, suddenly you are paying only 2 to activate Energy Siphon, which benefits you greatly and leaves your foe scrambling to regain Energy.

Not all stealing effects are attacks. The Scheming side of Venjix Virus just happens each time they play a Villain. Note that attaching a Villain is not playing it, so there are tradeoffs. You will also find non-attack stealing effects as Battle rewards, on at least 1 Location, and more!

In case you were wondering…

~You can only steal Energy that your foe possesses, so if you play an ability that steals 2 Energy when your foes have only 1 Energy, you steal only 1 Energy.

~If you are already at 20 Energy, you still steal the Energy, but you cannot store it.



On the flip side of things is the new RPM keyword. This keyword is found mostly on Hero cards, but both Heroes and Villains can use any RPM they acquire. When you generate RPM, take RPM tokens from the general supply and place them near your character.

Each player has their own RPM stockpile; it is not a shared resource like Energy is. RPM tokens represent the revved-up fighting spirit of the Ranger Operators and give your opponents plenty to consider before they use a Block to negate an Attack you make! When you Attack, you must announce how much RPM you have.

If your Attack is…

Negated: In addition to any other Block effects, your foe(s) take damage equal to your RPM, then you must discard your RPM.

Not Negated: Discard your RPM without any effect.

Discard your RPM after every Attack, whether your Attack deals damage or has some other effect. This includes Attacks you generate from The Lair, Zords, Zord Bay, and Megazords as well. RPM damage is its own source and does not count as an Attack.

When you have ways to generate RPM, you’ll have to decide when you want to generate it. You do not have to generate all of your RPM at once. Generating a lot of RPM before making a weak attack will likely go un-Blocked, and then your RPM will go to waste. If you have just 1 RPM when you perform a 6 damage Attack, your foes will certainly be fine taking 1 RPM damage instead of 6 damage from the Attack, so they are likely to Block it (if they can).

The Nitro Blaster found in RPM: Get in Gear is available to both sides and is one of the more powerful Basic cards to appear in this game series. Early in the game, it can slowly increase your RPM until you’re ready to unleash it. Late in the game, it offers a great way to get rid of some Starter cards that might still be clogging up your deck. And the best part is you don’t have to destroy it or return it to the stack after using it!

As you can see, this expansion turns your average Attacking and Blocking sequence into a tense decision-making process. It’s sure to give your playgroup lots to consider before … and after … making each attack.

RPM: Get in Gear is set to be released in just two weeks, September 12th! Place your pre-orders now to be included in the first wave of shipments, and receive the FREE promo - Bonus Pack 2!