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Month of Darkness Week 4: The Dominatrix, High Stakes, and More!

Week 4 of the Month of Darkness is here, Vamily! Here's what we've got planned for the final week!Vampire: The Masquerade Antagonist - The Dominatrix“Did you know that some people have…

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Month of Darkness: Week 3 - The Mixologist, High Stakes, and More...

Week 3 of the Month of Darkness is here, Vamily...! Here's what we have planned!Hunter: The Reckoning Quarry: The Mixologist“I call this one The Hunter’s Lament. Here’s the recipe..."Check it out…

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Month of Darkness: Week 1!

The Month of Darkness has finally arrived, Vamily! Here's what we have planned for week one! Hunter: The Reckoning Character Development AidFor the Month of Darkness, we've created the Hunter: The Re…

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Vampire: The Masquerade Character Creation Competition

Happy Month of Darkness, Vamily! The Vampire: The Masquerade Character Creation Competition will be active from October 5th - October 28th, with a winner being voted upon and selected by com…

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Hunter Month Week 2!

A young man and woman can't help but continue to reach out to one another, even in death... Can you help break the cycle of tragedy?The Lovers are a new Quarry for Hunter: The Reckoning that you can i…

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Hit the Streets, it's Hunter Month!

There's something lurking in the darkness, and you're driven to find it and put an end to it. However, it's important to not be completely consumed by that darkness, and your Touchstones can make the…

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