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Time Force: Quantum Ranger Spoiler Blog!

Time Force: Quantum Ranger Spoiler Blog!

Posted by Renegade Game Studios on Jun 27th 2022

Let’s have some fun.

Development on the Quantum Ranger started LONG before this pack even came up on the release schedule. I think he was bumped from the first AND second Ally Pack and very nearly was included in the Rangers United box. There was even a little easter egg of the Quantum Ranger sneaking his way into some of that expansion’s key art. Hinting at his future involvement.( Heh, future! Get it?)

That being said, the long development time paid off as he’s got one of my favorite kits we’ve ever designed for the game.

Let’s start with his character ability:

Quantum Power: At the start of each battle, roll 2 dice and place 1 of them on this card. This is your Quantum Die. Once during each of your attacks you may swap 1 die in that attack with the Quantum die. The swapped die becomes your new Quantum die.

The whole character orbits around this mechanic. Essentially Eric has a single die set aside throughout the battle and can swap it with a die in his attacks. This allows for an unprecedented amount of flexibility and planning with his attacks and abilities. At the most basic level, you can swap a blank result in an attack with a single-hit quantum die. But what to do with that blank die afterward? What do you do when you need more Quantum Power?

Well, if you manage to roll excess hits on an attack, you can swap one of your excess dice with the blank result while still defeating the monster!

Many of Eric’s cards refer to his Quantum die. So keeping it at a high result is quite valuable.

Cards like Quantum Trigger and Quantum Cut have effects based on the strength of your Quantum Die, also allowing you to reroll it. Dice are an inherently unpredictable mechanic, but the Quantum Die gives Eric Myers a tool to tip the odds in his favor.


We’ll be back with more Time Force Spoilers soon, but for now…

“This is the end!”

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