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Transformers Roleplaying Game Community Poll: Roles!

Transformers Roleplaying Game Community Poll: Roles!

Posted by Renegade Game Studios on Sep 6th 2022

Transformers Month is finally here! We love to engage with the community and hear about the things they enjoy most, so we'll be continuing our fan-favorite polls throughout the month! Last week, we asked our Transformers community which Role from the core rulebook was their favorite/top pick!

Votes were cast fairly evenly, however, one Role pulled ahead by a significant margin! The community favorite Role from the Transformers Roleplaying Game is MODEMASTER!

Some overachieving Cybertronians don’t settle for being a vehicle and a sentient robot at once. They take on additional Alt Modes, or symbiotically house Cybertronians assistants. With a wider variety of abilities splitting their attention, Modemasters lose the potency more focused Cybertronians enjoy. They more than make up with it as the most flexible combatants on a Cybertronian battlefield.

We asked Eddy Webb, one of the writers on the corebook, about the approach to designing the Roles for the Transformers Roleplaying Game. We also asked more specifically, what inspirations influenced the design of the Modemaster Role. Here's what he said!:

"A lot of that was the excellent work of Gabriel Hicks and James Sambrano, but we did talk at length about making sure the roles were a good balance of 'interesting to play in an RPG' and 'reflective of the Transformers lore as a whole.'

The Modemaster in particular was to reflect some of the interesting edge cases in Transformers, like Triple Changers and Cassette Controllers -- the kinds of characters that we knew were going to be fan favorites, but which didn't neatly fit into areas like Analyst or Spy."

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