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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Villain Pack #4

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“When we’re finished, there will be no good left in the universe!” — Astronema

More devious and powerful enemies of the Power Rangers have arrived with destruction in their wake! Astronema leads a vicious assault on Earth, accompanied by her merciless lieutenant Ecliptor, while Mesogog the dinosaur-human hybrid commands his own deadly majordomo Elsa, as well as Tommy Oliver’s cyborg nemesis Zeltrax.

This is an expansion. Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid is required to play.

Click here to download the corrected Astral Vortex card.


  • Powerful enemies have appeared, ready to challenge any Rangers that stand in their way!
  • Includes 5 new large-scale figures and their unique combat cards.
  • A new Nemesis enemy, Zeltrax, will cause extra trouble for the lead Ranger in battles against him.

Number of Players:
For Ages:
Playing Time:
45-60 minutes
Game Designer:
Jonathan Ying
Game Artist:
Valeria Favoccia