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Heroes of the Grid Scenario #25: Darkliptor

Heroes of the Grid Scenario #25: Darkliptor

Posted by Renegade Game Studios on Nov 7th 2022

The evil Dark Specter has dispatched many monsters to defeat the Power Rangers, but the Rangers have overcome even his most powerful servants. In deep space, word of the Rangers’ victories reaches the feared bounty hunter Darkonda. “So, Dark Specter has a Ranger problem?” Darkonda muses. “If I can defeat the Rangers, Dark Specter will reward me handsomely. To Earth!”

Download the scenario today to get all the rules for this exciting new way to play Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid! In addition to downloading it here, this scenario has been added to the roundup of all existing free scenarios, available on our store at no cost. If you’ve already obtained that bundle, the new scenario pdf should be available in your account already.

Check out our playthrough of the scenario here!

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