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Light & Darkness:  Tyzonn / Cursed Tyzonn Spoiler Blog!

Light & Darkness: Tyzonn / Cursed Tyzonn Spoiler Blog!

Posted by Renegade Game Studios on Sep 26th 2022

Hey guys, we’re back with another Hero / Villain spoiler blog from Light and Darkness! This time it’s Tyzonn, the Mercury Ranger, and Cursed Tyzonn.


Tyzonn is the first appearance of an Operation Overdrive Ranger in Heroes of the Grid. His mercurial abilities are on full display! His ability is Mercurial Force, which allows him to shift the odds of any die roll into his team’s favor.

Notably this ability works on ALL effects that roll dice, not just attacks! This includes certain maneuvers and even Zord abilities!


One of his signature cards is Mercury Overdrive, which applies a continuous effect that grants energy each time any Ranger rolls a double-hit result on the dice. Meanwhile his Mercury Guard displays the sheer fluidity of his combat strategy, reducing damage or gaining energy based on his die rolls. Meanwhile, he can gain value out of weak die results with Drive Detector help Rangers seek out strong cards!

Cursed Tyzonn retains his mercurial nature, but twists it in pursuit of his dark goals. Liquid Form makes him hard to pin down, while Metal Hunter deals damage based on the number of dice on their cards. Holding a Power Weapon in hand can be a real risk against an enemy like Tyzonn!

That’s all for now, see you next time for a preview on the Foot Soldiers in the Light and Darkness pack!

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